Explore Spectacular & Best Deals Of Evening Desert Safari

One of the way to enjoy your stay in Dubai is taking a safari during sunset time for a fun-filled evening of adventures, dancing, and eating outside of the city. Evening desert safari deals are offered by dozens of tourism of companies but we’re offering best deal in fair prices. So, here’s an overview of what you may expect on your trip.

Dessertsafaridubai has a lot to offer that will undoubtedly enhance your trip. A squad of 4x4s will be waiting for you when the bus leaves you off on the side of the highway, ready to take you on your next adventure. These aren’t regular 4x4s; they’ve been upgraded to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to allow them to fly across the dunes at high speeds.

They’ll take you on a crazy trip across the dunes to your camp, complete with jumps, slides, and possibly a roll. You will observe several 4x4s on their sides or with blown-out wheels – don’t worry, it would be a memorable adventure.

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Quad Bikes And Camel Rides

When you get to the camp, there will be a slew of activities waiting for you before you ever enter. The majority of the campgrounds offer camel rides and quad bikes, both of which are not inexpensive. The quad bike tracks aren’t particularly large, but sliding around in the sand is a lot of fun. Camel rides and you’ll probably be able to hold a falcon or two for a photo opportunity and a lot of entertainment.

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Dinner Buffet

When you go inside the camp’s walls, the buffet will most likely already be set up, albeit this meal will only consist of nibbles like savoury pastries and sweet potato fries. You will experience the best delicious taste, the complete dish is normally served. You can generally count on a few meat dishes, some pasta dishes, various salads, bread, and so on.

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Dancing In The Evening

Like overnight desert safari, evening tour also offers a lot of fun activities, especially a unique belly dance performance. A belly dancer performed the first dance. These dancers are quite as provocative as the ones you might have seen in Morocco and elsewhere, totally remarkable.

Another kind of dance is also performed by dancers. It’s called a tanoura dance, and it entails a dancer spinning for 10 minutes straight while changing his costume, opening umbrellas, spinning his skirts around, and a variety of other manoeuvres, all of which completely gonna blew your mind.

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Booking An Evening Desert Safari In Dubai

Your safari will begin in Dubai, depending on the company you book with. A large tour bus or a smaller van may take you to the desert, which is only 20 kilometres away. A couple of dozen safari camps have been created, with many of them being used by travel operators.

Because you won’t be able to see other campers owing to the desert dunes, you’ll have a unique and solitary experience with DessertSafariDubai. Your evening desert safari should be fantastic, and they claim to deliver the finest without breaking the bank. Why waiting? Just book your desired slot now!

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