An Adventurous Dubai Desert Safari Tour Is Waiting For You

Dubai is a place of luxury, a desert metropolis, and an Emirate rich in tourist attractions and historical relics. There are numerous heritage sites and museums dedicated to Emirati culture. In this blog, we’ve included several must-see sites that demonstrate Dubai’s ingenuity and drive to be a leading tourist destination with people from all over the world!

Dubai desert safari is not only famous but everyone cannot complete his/ her trip if they missed visiting this dazzling site. The desert safari is one of the most popular day adventures among visitors to Dubai. People travel from all over the world to witness the city’s dunes and get a peek of Bedouin life before it became a tourist destination.

Desert safaris are thrilling, engaging, and an all-around excellent way to immerse yourself in local culture while also having a rare chance to experience a thrilling desert in the world.

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On this Dubai desert tour, you’ll learn about the desert’s beauty and customs. Embark on an amazing blend of classic and modern desert adventures from Dubai in a comfy 4×4 with a guide. Riding a camel, sandboarding down the Dubai dunes, and relaxing in a desert tent while the sunsets are all options.

Get a henna tattoo, see a ‘tanoura’ folk dance, and finish your journey with a great barbeque supper, complete with shawarma station, and an exotic belly dancing show while sitting around the campfire.

The feast is the finest part! People can self-serve and actually feast at this typical Middle Eastern BBQ. A series of entertainers put on a show for the visitors while they are eating. Traditional dances, such as the world-famous belly dancing, are included.

There are various desert safari packages to pick from, including morning, evening, and night desert safaris. Every season is ideal for visiting this spectacular location, and the greatest part is that you may choose the most convenient time for you, and your reservation is only a phone call away.

If you’re not a morning person, an evening desert safari

will provide you with the classic experience. Your nighttime desert safari excursion usually starts between 3 and 4 p.m., with adventurous sports including falconry, sandboarding, dune bashing, and quad biking. Take a leisurely camel ride back to camp before the sun sets and marvel at the view as the immense desert transforms into magical hues of golden, orange, and blue.

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Most desert safaris begin in the mid-afternoon and end in the early evening, so guests are invited to return to their cars once after completing their rides, expert drivers are also available to guide you on this journey. Those who want to keep the memory alive can get images from expert photographers on the spot.

It will be worthwhile because this is an experience that everyone will remember for years. Before the continental supper buffet, there will be females who will apply henna mehndi to your hands. Following the supper, there will be a belly dancing performance, with the belly dancer ready to teach you some steps you will never forget.

This tour is straightforward to arrange; almost every hotel in Dubai has a link with a DessertSafariDubai and a quick website search should yield an endless list of your joys & adventure. We picks up visitors from their hotels for desert safaris, or after the end of their trip, they drop tourists safely at their hotels. To summarise, if you are visiting Dubai, this desert trip is a must-do.

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