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Dubai Sightseeing Tour

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Dubai city tour - Explore the world of today with a naturalistic viewpoint.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Dubai City Tour with DessertSafariDubai. Your tour will be amazing if you interact with us. As you know, Dubai is recognized for its charming scenery and various other diversions. Therefore, you must be pondering swiftly visiting modern Dubai for enjoyment. Undoubtedly, you have looked at websites that provide services for Dubai visits. This is because Dubai’s stunning and intimidating architecture makes a visit alluring and exciting.

Moreover, Don’t worry about the Dubai city tour packages since DessertSafariDubai promises that you may fulfill your dream. We have been providing a half-day Dubai city tour for many years. This beautiful metropolis combines the classical with the contemporary, fusing traditional Arabian culture with modern amenities and vibrant architecture. With your DessertSafariDubai sightseeing ticket, you can spend time exploring the city at your leisure. See famous attractions like the Burj Khalifa and find hidden gems.

Make your trip memorable in Dubai city.

For city sightseeing in Dubai, we take you away from your spot. We arouse an insatiable desire to discover Dubai’s historical side by visiting well-known locations, including mosques, palaces, and museums. We dwell at the Dubai Museum so we can first get expertise for captivity.

Following this sight, we go to Dubai Creek, which exudes an old-world elegance. This location was created by humans to set Bur-Dubai apart from Deira and to boost the economy. Following that, we move on to the Jumeirah Open Beach Photo Stop, Dry Docks, Gold Souk, and Textile Market.

At that point, you can save photos for Instagram and Snapchat for future memory. The Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Palm Island, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai Marina, and Sheikh Palace of Sheikh Muhammad are some of the well-known names in the area. Travel to any one of these locations with Morning Desert Safari. You will have the opportunity to experience the natural and contemporary wonders surrounding you in our Dubai City Tour.

dubai uae 10 october 2017 view burj al arab hotel from madinat jumeirah dubai uae burj al arab with 321 meters high is most luxurious 7 star hotel
Dubai Creek tour

The twisting plot about Dubai city tour half day

The twisting plot is that the land of beauty opens the rusted doors with the help of attractive locations. The best places in Dubai city, such as Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum, and Burj Al Arab, help you thoroughly enjoy the Dubai city tour package. Our packages contain two plans one is basic, and the other is premium. So, you might select according to your priorities, interests, and preferences. Both plans are only for ease in terms such as time and money.
The twisting plot is that the land of beauty opens the rusted doors with the help of attractive locations. The best places in Dubai city, such as Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum, and Burj Al Arab, help you thoroughly enjoy the tour.

Dubai city tour packages - Dubai Half-Day City Tour and Dubai Full-Day City Tour

The big reveal is that the country of beauty undoubtedly unlocks the rusted doors with the aid of picturesque settings. You may thoroughly enjoy the Dubai city tour package by visiting the city’s top attractions in our exciting Dubai bus tour, including Dubai Creek, the Dubai Museum, and the Burj Al Arab. Packages include two options, one of which is basic and the other premium. As a result, you have a choice based on your priorities, budget, and preferences. Both strategies are solely offered for your convenience in terms of time and money.
Let’s look at both packages to get a better idea about our city sightseeing Dubai tours.

In both our packages, we will pick you up in a 4×4 Car and drop You Off at Your Residence or Hotel.

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Our half-day Dubai city tour includes:

Pick Up & Drop Off by 4x4 Cars from Your Home or Hotel

120 | 33$
Per Person

We will pick you up at 7:00 AM and drop you at your hotel around 12:30 to 1:00 PM. So you will get our half-day Dubai city tour for just AED 120 | 33$

Our full-day Dubai city tour includes:

Pick Up & Drop Off by 4x4 Cars from Your Home or Hotel

180 | 50 $
Per Person

We will pick you up at 10:00 AM and drop you at your hotel around 8 PM. You will get our full-day Dubai city tour for just AED 180 | 50 $

Why choose our Dubai city tour package

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Our customers’ reviews demonstrate that we provide the best half-day Dubai city tour and full-day Dubai trips, which would comprise a significant sequence of events. Overall, our services will make you love the city of Dubai. Therefore, please reserve your spot on our bus tour of Dubai right away at

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Additional optional locations

Here we go with the additional but bewitching places that you will also see during the best Dubai city tour package.

Important key-points to consider before starting your valuable journey

Schedule of Dubai city tour

Details of our amazing Dubai city tour are as follows

Details of our amazing Dubai city tour are as follows:
First, you will be picked up from your apartment, hotel, residence, or villa. Then we go to the Dubai Museum for 30 Minutes and Abra Ride. After it, we will go to Jumeirah Mosque for 15 Minutes and La Mer. After it, we will visit Jumeirah Beach for 15 Minutes.

Dubai Creek is the next stop for sightseeing. Then we moved to Saga world for 15 Minutes. Then, we reach Burj Al Arab. After it, we will visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah for 15 Minutes along with Madinat Jumeira Al Qasar. Then, we will go to JBR Walk ( Throthroughong with Dubai Marina (drive through).

The Mall of the Emirates will be our next stop before moving to the Burj Khalifa for Sightseeing. Downtown Dubai will be our following stop after seeing the Burj Khalifa. We’ll stay there for 15 to 20 minutes before moving to the Dubai Mall and the Royal Palace. Then, we will arrive at your destination in a luxurious car.

The total duration of our half-day city and full-day tours is around 5 hours and 10 hours, respectively.

We will pick you up around 8 AM on our half-day tour. Moreover, our full-day tour will pick you up at 10 AM from your residence or hotel.

We drop you at your place by 1 PM on our half-day tour, and on our full-day tour, we drop you at your place around 8 PM.

Half-day tour – AED 120 | $33 Per Person
Full-day tour – AED 180 | $50 Per Person

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