Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Deals

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Timings: Desert safari Dubai timings start from 5:00 A.M and end at 10:00 A.M. So, be on time and let us serve you beautifully.

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Offers: Some special offers are available for visitors who are planning to visit Dubai. To avail of it, we warmly welcome you to the customer support center and WhatsApp for more details.

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Long trip: If you want to stay the night, you need to pick the next service that we call the evening desert safari.

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Full-tour: We don’t miss any type of important activity to serve you luxurious services.

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Safety: Safety is the soul of our service and DessertSafariDubai will provide full-time security for you and your luggage as well.

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Clothes: Shorts can be suitable but if your skin is sensitive, you can come in a casual and suitable dress. Don’t go for the heavy jackets during the early morning because the weather is a bit hot even early in the day to keep you warm.

Hire Us to Get Finest Morning Desert Safari Dubai Experience​

Our cheapest Dubai sunrise desert safari deals provide you with the greatest service in all of Dubai if you are visiting the UAE with children and want to take them on a wasteland. You can take part in quad biking, an activity everyone visiting a desert must attempt. If you’re daring, we have the answer for you, yet the desert lacks certain adrenaline.

You will be completely satisfied by the dune-bashing, camel rides in Dubai desert safari, ski-gliding, and sand-boarding activities as we provide in our most budget friendly packages. Beside this, we’re also offering photography service to capture your special moment at this cost.

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Desert Safari Dubai Morning Deals Details


Pick Up & Drop Off by 4x4 Cars from Your Home or Hotel

AED 250 | 70 $

Per Person


Exclusive Private Land Cruiser Pick up & Drop off

AED 350 | 96 $

Per Person

Time to Enjoy Vacations for Relaxation and Family Time in Morning Safari

This memorable sunrise desert safari dubai is for you if you’d want to go on an early-morning to enjoy camel ride in and a falcon flying in the desert. Escape the Dubai city by traveling east into the Arabian Desert, which offers breathtaking scenery and dunes that roll in all directions.                                                                                                The tough 4×4 Jeep sets out on an exhilarating drive into the wilderness and across gentle dunes. The enjoyment at our Arabian Desert Campsite continues with a traditional welcome that includes “Gahwa,” Arabic coffee, and local dates.

During safari time, you can take pictures of the national bird of the UAE. Not only pictures, but you can interact with falcons. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy this bird interaction. 

Also, take advantage of sandboarding, and “Shisha,” the Arabic water pipe, during this morning safari Dubai. After that, a relaxing drive gets you home, which is included in the package. It is a wonderful way to stimulate your senses with plenty of entertainment, food, and sun.

sunrise desert safari dubai
camel riding in desert of dubai in morning time

Get the Best Morning Desert Safari in Dubai Adventure with US

The most enjoyable period of your desert tour is in morning time. During the early-morning excursion with us, you can participate in all the thrilling activities. With the most opulent vehicles, our 4×4 cruise pick-up and drop-off service can quickly transport you to the desert safari from where you are staying.

 Additionally, you can tour the entire wasteland with one of our tour guides, who will give you all the information you need about the location. You may see the distinctive varieties of flora, flowers, and trees that serve as the main draws for travelers. 

Your children will be enthralled by the wonderful wildlife they have only seen in movies and documentaries during the morning safari. Only available throughout the daytime, the desert safari’s wildlife exhibition features species from around the world.

Moreover, both classic Camel Rides and a cutting-edge quad bike ride are provided in our deals. A memorable journey on a sunny safari would be exciting and stoke your nerves. Following Arabian tradition, breakfast, tea, and cold beverages are provided on Arabic utensils. Your excursion will end at 10:00, at which point we will drop you off at your location. But this tour journey is not only limited to morning; you can also enjoy Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari with us. 

Our Desert Safari Dubai Morning Deals That May Surprise You

For each of our customers, DessertSafariDubai offers a unique set of packages, whether they are desert safari, Hatta tour, or Abu Dhabi city tour.We prefer to create our packages with the needs of our customers in mind.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any spare cash; we also have some budget-friendly deal options for you. The only necessary thing is that you never pass up the chance to see this incredible display of nature’s splendor.

Just make sure to visit this undiscovered treasure of Arabia, and we’ll give you a chance to experience the beauty of the Dubai wasteland from a new perspective.

Our packages include:

morning desert safari

Early Sunrise Views of the Arabian Desert

An early sunrise view has its holy silence in the morning, and its religious discourse in the dryland mob. What is it about the desert that is so lovely? When the sun rises, it’s difficult to tell where heaven ended, and the earth started.

Join us for our unique early morning desert safari dubai to look and enjoy solitude and beauty in the desert. We’ll journey through the wilderness in 4×4 vehicles and watch the sunrise.

Photo Point | Time to Capture Memories

We have a center in the middle of the desert where everything looks amazing, and you may take pictures and videos of eye-catching scenes. Therefore, photographs allow you to capture permanent moments spent with your loved ones.

For convenience, you can use our camera or bring your own. Your recollections of the Arabian Desert will remain indelible in your heart thanks to our wonderful service.

Dune Bashing

We frequently create dune bashing for visitors and clients. We give them quad bikes and a 4X4 Toyota for this activity. Furthermore, you can rent legendary Land Cruisers for a private morning desert safari Dubai.

You would undoubtedly adore dune bushing and keep doing it for the rest of your life. Additionally, our dune-bashing is risk-free because the 4×4 SUV is outfitted with safety equipment to ensure your protection.

Camel Riding

Then there is camel riding, a different kind of experience you can enjoy in our packages. The tradition, culture, trend, and civilization of visiting the UAE, and particularly the desert, are demonstrated by camel rides. We have camels that are strong, lovely, and trained, and they go without harm or issue.

 However, you can also capture photos while perched on the camel’s back. Additionally, it is quite secure. Camels are the most traditional means of transportation in the desert, earning the nickname “ships of the desert” for how easily they glide across the dunes. So don’t miss this Dubai desert camel ride.

Quad Biking

The traditional Dubai desert experience can be enhanced with an exhilarating ride on a tough quad bike. Finding a Quad bike for your ride turns dune bashing into an adventurous activity.

This dune buggy is simple to drive for 24 to 45 minutes in the desert. We have 150cc buggies for your children and high CC buggies for you. Moreover, it is completely safe to drive.

Sand Boarding

Have a question about what sandboarding is? Like snowboarding, but done in the desert, is this obscure sport. With our incredible packages, you’ll ride across the sand and down the dunes as if you were snowboarding down a snowy mountain. The best part, then? You’ll stay warm while having a tonne of fun!

For an hour, you surf across the dunes, growing more and more comfortable on your sandboard. Then, you will be taken to dunes of various heights to practice the sport at more difficult levels and get the most out of this adrenaline-inducing activity. You won’t want to leave ever! We hope after looking at our unmatched and most affordable deal, you don’t want to miss our desert safari dubai morning service.

Cold Drinks, Mineral Water, and Snacks

You will have access to cool beverages, mineral water, and snacks for the duration of the package. You would have unlimited access to water for free at any moment.

In addition, there will be cold beverages available for you to select from, including Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Red Bull, Holsten, Lulu, and Mountain Dew. Last but not least, you can also have a variety of snacks after breakfast so that you can enjoy our tour in full swing.

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