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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai - Will Be A Unique Experience for a Lifetime

The Dubai desert safari overnight stay can be the most memorable trip of your life. It contains all the activities for a fantastic trip: fun, enjoyment, thrill, uniqueness, and much more. After this vacation, you will discover a new side of yourself, a life-changing experience. Nothing can beat the experience of lying on a sand bed under a star-filled sky. One can take part in some of the best outdoor activities of his life in this unique style of camping in Dubai at night and come home with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Timings: We will start from 2:00 P.M and end at 8:00 A.M. So, be on time and let us serve you beautifully.

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Offers: Contact us on customer support center and WhatsApp for more details on our special deals.

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Hassle-free: We don’t miss any type of important activity to serve you luxurious services without any hassle.

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Safety: Safety is the soul of our platform and we will provide you full-time security of yourself and your luggage as well.

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Clothes: Shorts can be suitable but if your skin is sensitive, you can come in a casual and suitable dress.

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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Cost Details


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AED 250 | 70 $

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A Bunch of Activities for Visitors to Enjoy During Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

We will make it true if you want to enjoy an unforgettable night in Dubai’s desert. This vacation will be the ideal fusion of Arabic culture and outdoor activities. Many enjoyable activities include quad biking, sand boarding, and camel riding are waiting for you.

Another option is risk-taking 4X4 dune bashing at Dubai desert safari. There are many additional activities for your family members, such as henna tattoo and photography, and once the sun sets, one can take in spellbinding belly dancing and Tanura performances.

You’ll enjoy one of your life’s best BBQ and campfire experiences here. Even if you’ve gone camping in the past, night desert camping in Dubai is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will also open your eyes to one of the best sunrise views on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf, which is a unique experience.

Activities for Visitors

Enjoy Best Overnight Desert Safari Dubai with DessertSafariDubai

We have several excellent suggestions for how to make leisure time and extra spaces for fortunate occasions. You can enjoy outside activities when you depart from your comfort zone, i.e., the home. Enjoy Best Overnight Desert Safari Dubai with DessertSafariDubai.

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Selection of Food and Refreshment

While the stars sparkle and twinkle above, you can have one of the best dining experiences of your life in the tranquil and enticing atmosphere of the overnight desert safari Dubai tour. You may taste the cuisine and the hospitality of the Arabs, who are known for both. This night desert tour gives you the chance to do both. Because no other restaurant can replicate the wonderful ambiance and feel of the desert, the BBQ experience here will not compare to the BBQ of the top restaurants worldwide on this fantastic night in the Desert Safari of Dubai.

Wonderful Entertainment Performances

The campground has organized various entertainment performances to make your evenings more exciting and colorful. Visitors can witness belly dance and Tanura, two well-known Arabic dance styles. Other acts are also included, such as the breathtaking fire dance performance with its captivating choreography and dangerous maneuvers. Dancers in the Tanura performance can perform swirling and twirling motions while donning colorful skirts.

Beautiful Sunset View

Enjoying sunset during evening Dubai Desert Safari is usually lovely, but after seeing one at an night time, you’ll be in awe of its allure and beauty. Even hours after sunset, you’ll still feel like your heart is pinned between the sun’s breathtaking orange-red and golden rays. And one can readily comprehend the enormous pleasure of having a picnic while admiring the magnificent view of the sunset. It is one of the best things to do in Dubai at night.

You Can Enjoy the Party Vibes

morning desert safari will keep you entertained, but a spectacular night safari with Arabic music will keep you entertained and calm your nerves. Hubble and Bubble will be there, and fans can amuse themselves and use their skills to send loops of smoke into the air.

Bringing You to the Starting Point of the Journey

We would pick you up in our safari cars or land cruisers and immediately drive you to the desert camp places. The night camping in Dubai sites is appealing because of the fantastic decorations, top-notch tents, and other elements of the camping arena.

If You Like to Ride on a Camel, You Are In the Right Place

Qualified and experienced drivers from Dubai give you a camel ride as part of the desert safari overnight deals. The camel ride will make this excursion more beautiful, and you can take pictures while riding it. Moreover, the safety of our customers is our main priority, so don’t worry about the safety point of view.


The availability of refreshments contains water bottles, soft drinks, and other drinks as well.

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DessertSafariDubai is Offering Package For Everyone

Numerous additional factors set us apart from the industry and the businesses allowing visitors to take overnight safari. Regarding recruiting points, we design our package in a way that will linger in your memory forever. The joy of this amazing voyage makes for an outstanding experience and works in tandem with the predetermined plan. We make you happy by providing the alpha and omega of living. Additionally, our overnight safari offers two distinct packages, making it simple for you to decide whether to choose a basic package or an advanced plan. Any of the plans that work for you can be chosen.

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Is It Okay To Travel Overnight for a Dubai Safari?

Many more companies are on the market, as we have already indicated. You can choose anyone for a morning desert safari, Abu Dhabi city tour, or Dubai City tour. But we are providing you with an extra bit of safety. By selecting the appropriate button offer, you can acquire certain services, dependability, 100% security, and facilities that protect your life.

timetable departure and policy

What Are the Crucial Details of the Timetable, Departure, and Policy?

Our overnight tour of the desert safari will start on time, and if there is a delay, we’ll let you know ahead of time and reschedule it for a later time within 24 hours. You don’t have to pay the full package price if you paid money in advance. After choosing one of the available plans, you will have 24 hours to pay before leaving your trip. So, grab this fantastic opportunity to spend a memorable night with a renowned brand by reserving your ticket.

Opportunities for Visitors To Have Their Overnight Safari Plan

People across the world usually visit the UAE for fun, enjoyment, memories, and reduced boredom. This is one of the best lotions in the world that has been becoming an excellent source of entertainment for people and availing them of different packages and offers. Desert Safari has a premium but affordable package to serve people and create opportunities for them to enlarge their happiness and recreation.

To enlighten more, it is one of the most top-notch ideas known as Dune Bashing. On the other side of the coin, you can name it the act of throwing sandy terrains. This night tour in Dubai contains many exclusive things that can help you make your overnight desert trip more effective and enthusiastic. However, this entire night tour cannot be summed up within a single line or paragraph so that we will discuss it more.

An overnight safari in the desert is like a trip where you spend the night camping or staying in a traditional Bedouin-style tent. These safaris typically involve dune bashing (driving over dunes in a 4×4 vehicle), camel riding, sandboarding, and henna painting. Some safaris may include cultural activities such as belly dancing and traditional dinners. Overall, this is a unique and exciting way to experience the beauty of the desert and learn about local culture.

As you know, Dubai is a popular destination for such tours, as it is home to the beautiful Desert Conservation Reserve. Many tour operators offer overnight safaris tours in Dubai, typically including dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. Some safaris may include cultural activities such as henna painting, belly dancing performances, and traditional dinners. Overnight Desert Safari Dubai rates can vary, so it is best to contact a local tour operator or travel agency to inquire about availability and pricing.

A Heavenly Experience of Arabian Sand: Overnight Camping in Dubai

Our overnight desert safari deal is a long 18-hour extended tour that makes it famous in Dubai. Enjoy this night camping trip beneath the ominous desert sky and a sumptuous breakfast the next day. It comprises a camp in the Bedouin style and all the components of an evening excursion.

Such include riding a horse or a camel, sandboarding, taking pictures of falcons, and dune bashing on the vast red dunes of Arabia. Additionally, our budget-friendly packages will include Henna Tattooing, Unlimited Drinks, Live Entertainment, and a delectable BBQ buffet meal.

All exciting activities of Dubai Overnight Desert safari price included. You had a wonderful experience thanks to the DessertSafariDubaii Offer. In the presence of magnificent stars, you can thus hear the soothing sound of the Arabian desert. Additionally, we offer all the comforts necessary for a nonstop stay, including sleeping bags and personal tents.

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