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High in the Hajar Mountains, Hatta Tour is an adventurous spot. An ancient defence tower, stone homes with palm frond roofs, and falaj, the traditional water system, may be found in the rebuilt Hatta Heritage Village. Traditional weaponry, furniture, and tableware are also on display. The Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point at the neighboring Hatta Tour looks out over the dazzling green water pools. Hatta mountain safari tour and Hatta camping area are ideal for you if you’re tired of spending so many days in the desert and wish to engage in outdoor sports in a lush and pleasant atmosphere.

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Our Hatta Tour Packages are extremely pocket-friendly compared to others. Our main focus is to give the lowest price to our loyal customers.

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Our Hatta Mountain safari tour covers almost every place worth visiting. That is why our customers love our Hatta tour, as you can check in the review section.

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We always keep our customers secure and make this tour convenient because our main purpose is to satisfy them with the safety protocols on our Dubai to Hatta tour.

Basic Safari


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tour by 4x4 vehicle


Pick-Drop from central location in Dubai.


What You’ll Get:

Basic Safari


Pick-Drop from central location in Dubai.

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Hatta Tour Packages


Pick-Up & Drop-off on 4*4 on your desired location

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Pick-Up & Drop-off on 4*4 on your desired location

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Hatta tour Dubai

The Hatta Tour Dubai is the craziest and most insane hilly tour. You will fall passionately in love with the stunning desert and Hatta Mountain safari tour on our private 4×4 road trip from Dubai to Hatta. Trek with support in a cosy car past the peaks’ and ridges’ farms. Our top priorities throughout the trip are your comfort and enabling you to have one of the best holidays of your life. However, the best things to do in Hatta go beyond straightforward pursuits like kayaking, riding, and hiking. Numerous amazing and tempting activities, including tours of the Hatta Dam, Hill Park, Heritage Village, and Wadi H.U.B., are included in our Hatta Tour. Our tour lets you view the diverse wonders of the Hatta Lake wildlife. Additionally, take a stroll to the waterfalls near the Hatta camping area or eat in the nearby granite Hatta pools with crystal-clear water! Isn’t it fantastic?

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Hatta Tour Dubai img

Things to do in Hatta - God's natural stance, but only for his creatures.

When you visit a beautiful site and appreciate every component, whether related to water, flora, stones, or lakes, you frequently find a new life in the shape of fresh perceptions. It unlocks a lot of corroded locks. You can find water, a mountain, a park, and a community at the Hatta water dam in our Hatta Tour. For visitors to enjoy an unforgettable journey to the Hatta Dam, dessertsafaridubai.com offers great and inexpensive options. We also offer packages for hatta kayaking in Dubai for singles and couples.

Kayaking in Hatta

You would genuinely appreciate kayaking, pedal boats, or riding over a beautiful doughnut boat. Hatta kayak is one of the primary sports and acts of enjoying life together with the exposure of visitors. The Hatta Kayak Dam is a useful stop for each journey’s itinerary. A multifunctional Dam boat with a parachute for your protection is appropriate for adults and children. On Hatta Tour From Dubai, we prioritize our visitors’ security, nonetheless. You’ll feel amazing as you pass Hatta Lake and the dam’s azure water.

Old Heritage Village

Visit Hatta Heritage Village to experience authentic, prehistoric farming life from hundreds of years ago. The Dubai Hatta Village is unique in that the famous town layout has been preserved with figures, models, and a wealth of historical documents.
This historic section of the town on the Hatta Mountain Safari Tour is unquestionably a rare marvel. It is one of the top-liked places to visit in Hatta. With knowledge of ancient tools and weaponry, you can appreciate the beauty of the ancient way of life. You can learn more about this by speaking with our Hatta Tour guide.

Visit Hatta Mountains

For brave and daring, the Hatta Mountain Safari Tour is a great option to make their excursion full of adventure while dining in the breathtaking mountain safari in the unique village of Hatta Dubai. Everyone has a similar route to Hatta Oman, from beginners to seasoned professionals.
By exploring our packages, you can discover the glitz and goodness of Hatta activities in a startlingly engaging way. What, then, are you holding out for and seeking? Secure your tour for our awe-inspiring Best Dubai to Hatta tour deals…

Green Lavish Hill Park

Hatta Hill Park is the perfect destination for a quiet and scenic outing. It is situated on a mountaintop and is an excellent location to spend time with friends and family. In addition to the rich greenery and breathtaking views of the surroundings, there are numerous shaded huts where you can enjoy B.B.Q. This elevates your picnic above a simple outing. Some couples may adore the outdoors. As a result, this topic is also included in our basic and premium packages. That is all there is to it if you want to enjoy the alluring postures and soothing tour of Hatta Hill Park.

Hatta tour journey - From start to finish

Our Every planned route is taken exactly as intended. You may delve deeply into the natural world with a quick and breathtaking Hatta Kayak adventure. You might be curious about the specifics of the trip to Hatta Dam. So, from start to finish, here is our strategy.
We will pick you up at 7 am in each of our three packages and drive you to Hatta Mountain Safari and Hatta Dam. We’ll visit places like Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Wadi Hub, Fort Hotel, etc., before dropping you off at your location at about 1 pm. The entire Hatta Tour will take about 6 hours to complete in either a 4×4 private vehicle or a kayak. Additionally, our pricing is reasonable. It will surely be one of the best tours you will ever remember, just like our desert safari and Dubai city tour.

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We guide you and provide you with the true directions once you join us. Before joining us, we place and set standards for customer satisfaction. Here we go with the clear points and offers for Hatta Dam Tour.

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All visitors to Hatta are perfectly safe, including lone ones. All registered lodging in Hatta offers 24-hour security, and local authorities also licence and control all tourist activities like kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking.

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