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Hi! And welcome to the Dessert Safari Dubai. We are one of the leading providers of desert safari services in Dubai.

At D for Dessert Safari Dubai , we are always looking for new writers and authors for upgraded traveling content. We want to welcome you to contribute to our website. So, if you think you are a good writer, pitch your idea to us, and let’s work together.

  • Your article should be unique and authentic. And not a single sentence should be copied from another website(s).
  • You may use links of high authority articles or contents within your writing, but these links should be relevant to your subject.
  • The word count must be between 1000 to 1500 words.
  • Try to avoid plagiarism texts as much as you can, as we do not tolerate copied content.
  • You can use some suitable examples in your content and also add 3 to 4 copyright-free images.
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences to increase the internet of readers.
  • Try to avoid the repetition of words and sentences.
  • Try to write in simple and understandable wording.
  • You can also use proper heading tags like H1, H2 according to the article.
  • Link will be exchanged between you and us so you have to submit the website address where you will give us the link.

And that’s all. As you send your idea, our team will closely review it, and we will let you know if you can proceed with this idea.

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